10 Signs It’s Time for You to Travel

1. The thought of getting up and going to work makes you feel sick… literally!

We’ve all been there. The “calling in sick” phone calls to your manager that you despise, just so that you can take the day off to binge watch your favourite television series on Netflix. But the truth is, when your purposely dodging your work shift, or counting down the minutes until you finish work, there’s a serious problem that you need to finally confront. Switching up your routine or even going somewhere for a long-weekend can revitalize you and uplift your spirits.

2. You spend way too much time living in the past and forget about the present.

Your life is governed by the “What If’s, Should have’s and Could have’s”. Doubt and fear seem to creep its way into your mind and you spend the rest of your days worrying about past choices and experiences. It’s time to wake up! You can’t change what you did or how that relationship ended. Focus on the present, and kick doubt and fear in the ass!

3. Your patterns are predictable… You’re stuck in Groundhog Day!

7am, your alarm rings, out of the house by 8. Stop by your local drive-through coffee shop for your morning caffeine fix. Commence your 9-5 cubicle cookie-cutting job and throughout the day engage in “dexter” small-talk and banter. You drive home, sit on your favourite couch and crush the next season of Game of Thrones. You do it all over again the next day, and the next and so on. If someone wanted to stalk you, frankly speaking it would be too easy. Break free from the rut and explore what this world has to offer. You’d be surprised what you’ll find.

4. Nothing exists beyond your city!

Why travel when you can get the best Szechuan in China Town or have the most delicious Cannoli’s in Little Italy? True, some of the best ethnic foods can be found right under your nose, however to think that “there is no world beyond New York City” or any mega city is absurd. Travelling to a country and experiencing an entirely new environment and culture can really kickstart your senses. So here’s to it… indulge!

5. Small town girl, You’ve been living in your small town world.

I get it… going from knowing your neighbours and the cashier at your local grocery store to getting lost in Thailand’s full moon festival and knowing absolutely no one can be pretty daunting. The truth is, you have to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable to experience life in a different way. Getting used to feeling like a “visible minority” or experiencing language barriers can make you understand and empathize with the other side of the dialectic. It’ll open up your eyes to a world beyond your small town.

6. The English Epidemic

It’s always interesting to see tourists getting frustrated when they travel to a foreign land and expect natives of that particular place to speak English. Cultural insensitivity is probably one of the worst qualities to display on your vacation. If your mind craves a challenge, choose a country that speaks a language that is unknown to you and learn some of their salutations and conversational expressions. You’ll make quite the impression and even gain a lifelong friendship with a local.

7. Stop reading about it, Go live it!

You pick up the National Geographic and read all about the amazing Safari adventures in Kenya, the vibrant eccentric colours of Marrakech and the exhilarating smell of lamb kebab that creeps through the narrow alleyways of Tehran. You take a moment, envision yourself in these pictures and then snap back to reality, allowing doubt and fear to snatch your dreams away. Stop reading about these wonderful places and feed your desires. Book that ticket and spend your nights dreaming about the adventures you’re about to embark on.

8. FoMo

The fear of missing out-hereafter referred to as FoMo, is no joke. FoMo is the desire to stay connected and partake in events that others are doing. It has also been referred to as having a fear of regret. This fear has a way of creeping its way into social gathering discussion topics of “who has the latest gadget” or “who has travelled to Monaco?” If you’re feeling particularly left out in the conversation, maybe it’s time to pack your suitcase and head over to a destination that will take over next weeks dinner gatherings discussion.

9. Single and ready to Mingle?

Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones said it best: “I’ve been in a relationship with myself for 49 years and that’s the one I need to work on.” There is no better way to learn more about yourself than to travel alone. Taking yourself on a lovely date, catching a matinée alone or doing some solo travel might feel a bit awkward at first, but getting to know the awesome person that you are should be cherished and celebrated. So here’s to celebrating you!

10. Big Decisions, Big Commitments

Whether you are entering University, starting your new career or settling down with the love of your life, it’s always a good idea to travel prior to these commitments. It will allow you to feel balanced, re-energized and ready to take on what’s to come.

Farmers Auto Insurance Company Review

Farmers Auto Insurance Company is worth considering when you are in the market for auto insurance coverage. Of course, no one auto insurance company is the right choice for every single person so it can pay to compare quotes from Farmers Car Insurance Company with quotes from other top companies. Here is a review of Farmers Auto Insurance Company so that you can learn a little bit more about Farmers Insurance and hopefully find the best auto insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Auto insurance is a necessity for every person that has the will of driving a car in the United States. Although all of the states in this nation have a minimum in liability and motorist coverage, insurance companies allow customers to purchase more than the required amounts if they so desire. Farmers Automobile Insurance Company was started in the year 1928 in order to provide the regular automobile driver and they have been striving ever since to excelled in their services in order to satisfy the customer. Not long after their founding year the insurance company decided to expand not only across the country, but by providing more services to the consumer.

Due to the high demands by people around the nation, Farmers Automobile Insurance instituted other companies to provide for life and homeowners insurance. An incredible progress by the company was made during the Great Depression. When many insurance companies and stock companies closed doors, Farmers Insurance only grew stronger. Today Farmer Auto Insurance is based in Los Angeles, California and they are operating in 41 out of the 50 states of this great nation. Within those 41 states they have an estimated 15 million members and providing support to these customers are approximately 18,000 employees.

Farmers Automobile Insurance Company might have one of the most informative websites known to consumers. They don’t only allow customers to manage and make change to their policies, but they allow the regular consumer to know information about the car insurance business. Sections that help customers in understanding the insurance terminology and the types of insurance coverage can be found easily without needing to use the site map.

Also, the company is one of the only ones to use a “Risk Assessment Indicator” which allows them to predict how much a potential customer would be worth. This is solely based on credit history and late payments the person trying to enroll possesses. Based on this information the company will determine the risk a person is worth and along with other factors such as place of residence, vehicle information and driving history they will determine how much to charge a potential customer yearly.

The company offers the standard coverage that most other companies offer (liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, property damage, and bodily injury) and it gives its customers options of emergency road assistant, towing service, windshield glass repair and car reimbursement policies for those who are willing to pay a little bit more per month. They are also very well known across the country for their awesome discounts. It is important to know that rate discounts vary by state and therefore a potential customer or a former member must call their insurance agent or their local insurance office for the list of possible discounts.

Some of the most well known discounts offered by Farmers Automobile Insurance Company include anti-theft, anti-lock brakes, driver training, good student, passive restraint equipment (air bag), senior defensive driving course, good driver discount, more than one automobile in the policy and bundle of insurances under Farmers Insurance Company (when you have auto/life or auto/homeowners insurance, both with Farmers).

Also, it is important to know that Farmers stays focused on the youth and improving their driving experience since they first get in the driver seat of a vehicle. The company offers the Y.E.S. (You’re Essential to Safety) program for teenage drivers across the United States. In some states, teenagers that complete the course will qualify for discounts and rates will go down a considerable amount. The program focuses on certain things that might affect teenagers and their driving skills. Included are sections on seatbelts, speeding, tailgating, excessive driving, road rage, cell phones and the consequences of a DUI.

Another great utility that can be found on the Farmers Automobile Insurance Company website is calculators that aid customers if they have any questions regarding anything to do with car insurance. Those utility calculator cover things such as how much your deductible should be when purchasing automobile insurance and how much your next car should cost depending on the car insurance rate that you are willing to pay.

A thing of note about Farmers Automobile Insurance is that they have been an active contributor with the community around them ever since they were founded. According to their website they have been “proud, active partners” in improving the lives of people around them. They found programs to enhance safety, increase educational opportunity and increase participation in cities and towns across the United States.

Farmers Automobile Insurance Company takes pride in their excellent customer service skills and the way in which they satisfy their current customers. The company continues to grow and it won’t be uncommon for us to see them expanding into the entire continental United States and maybe even out of the country.

Five Tips For Stress Free Travel

Let’s face the fact; the whole traveling event is quite stressful. We plan a holiday to get away from the pressures of home and work, but navigating through the airport to catch your flight becomes the most stressful part of the whole trip. You don’t want to become all stressed before you even leave the airport, so here are some helpful tips that will help you travel smoothly without any stress and enjoy your vacation.

Arrive Early

Long gone are those days when you can show an hour before your flight, but now the circumstances have changed a lot. Many times I have seen people waiting outside in the parking for a shuttle complaining that they might miss their flight if the van doesn’t come soon. That’s why my honest recommendation that arrives at least three hours before your flight at the airport.

Pack Light

The best way to reduce stress is by packing light. If you can pack light with only one carry-on bag, it will save you time at the check in counter. You can walk straight to the computer, check in your bag and be on your way to the security line in not time. Trust me, lugging a heavy back anywhere can be stressful. You will realise half of the things you don’t need on your vacation, and you won’t be happy with all that clutter you carried for no reason.

Check In Online

Check in 24 hours before your flight will save you a lot of time and will help you in avoiding all the hassle at the airport. Make use of your smartphone, check in online and either get a print out of your ticket, or you can save it on your phone. That way when you reach the airport, you don’t have to waste your time at the check in counter.

Be Prepared

Be ready to face strict security measures at the airport. I keep all the things that I need out onto the bin, so they are readily available. When I reach the conveyor belt, everything is out in a flash. All liquids should be packed in a bottle of 100ml or less and then kept in a small Ziploc bag. Don’t wear any metal jewellery or keep any loose change with you as it will beep when you pass the security check and create trouble.

Create A Care Package

When packing your luggage pack a small handbag or backpack in which you can carry the things that you will need during the flight. Ever since I started carrying a small bag with me, my trips have become more enjoyable. I usually pack things that I’ll be needing urgently like the following:

• Ear buds to prevent noise

• Lip balm and skin moisturiser

• Hand sanitizer

• Credit Card to make any in-flight purchases

• Travel toothpaste and toothbrush

• iPhone

• Sunglasses

• Some basic meds if I feel nauseate on the flight.

Get in touch with us and book your holidays to sandals online today. We offer the best holiday deals and offers to our customers.

Auto Insurance Quotes For All and Sundry – Free!

The method used to get automobile insurance in other countries is quite different from the method used in the United States. This is because the United State has this unique way they search for auto deals. The strategy they use is not common. This brings you to the fact that you need to shop for policies to get the best kind of coverage you desire.

The need for these quotes is to get an affordable policy with good coverage and discount rate. The method used by each insurance company to determine its rates is very different. For instance, some drivers are considered to be high risked while others are not. It is wise to ensure maximum caution when driving. Your driving status determines the charges you get. Some companies may have money problems and decide to charge you more in other to make up their lost fund.

How do you compare these quotes?

The best way to compare quotes is to visit quotes comparison websites for free quotes. Another way is to get quotes from different car insurance providers. The quotes help you gather all the information about different auto deals in your region. The good thing about this is that the method is popular in the United States automobile insurance market. The website submits this information to your desired insurance company. The low rates you will receive might come as a surprise to you because the best rate offered by the insurance company goes to online customers. Just do your home work by comparing at least 5-10 quotes and the rest will come to you in a blink.

Scientific Reasons Behind Why You Should Visit Hindu Temples

The common notion is that a visit to the temple is just to pray for God’s blessings. But the truth is that, temples are the best places to relax and to calm your body and mind, too. That is a scientifically proven fact. Here is why:

The Location and Structure of the Temple

Temples are filled with positive energy because they are built in a particular way. For instance, the main idol is placed at the centre of the temple, known as Moolasthanam, where earth’s magnetic waves are found to be quite strong. And the structure of the temple is built around it. That is reason for the positive energy.

Removing Your Footwear before Entering Temple

Temples are epicentres of positive energy. The floor at the centre of the temple is a good conductor of these positive vibrations. And if you want to allow positive energy to pass through your feet to the body, you should not use footwear. Another reason is that shoes and chappals will have all the impurities as you use it everywhere. Hence they tend to spoil the pure environment of the temple.

Activating the five senses

All five senses in your body should be activated if you want to absorb the positive energy in the temple.

Ringing the Temple Bell

The hearing sense is activated by ringing the temple bell before entering the inner temple. If you have noticed, after ringing the bell the sound lasts for 7 seconds in echo mode. This timeframe is sufficient to turn on all the seven healing centres in our body. Our brain will also be free from all kinds of negative thoughts. The idol also absorbs the bell sound and it is vibrated within the Moolasthanam for some time.

Lighting Camphor In Front Of Idol

The sight sense is activated by lighting camphor. The inner core where the idol is placed is usually dark. When you pray you close your eyes and after that you open your eyes and see the camphor, which is lit to do the Aarthi. Your sight sense is activated when you see the light after the dark.

Placing Hands over the Camphor Flames

After offering the prayer the camphor is brought to you, and you usually put your hands over the camphor to make your hands warm and then you touch your eyes with your warm hands. This is to activate the touch sense.

Offering Flowers to God

Flowers are beautiful to look at. They are soft and have a lovely fragrance. Only certain flowers that have fragrance like jasmine, rose, and marigold are used in offerings. It is to keep your smell sense active that flowers, incense sticks and camphor are used in temples.

Drinking Theertham

A silver or copper vessel is used to pour Theertham, which usually has thulsi leaves. It is kept aside for eight hours in the copper vessel. This is to positively charge the water. To balance all the three doshas in your body (vata, pitta and kapha) water should be stored in a copper vessel, which is a scientifically proven fact according to Ayurveda. You activate the taste sense by drinking this Thulasi water.

Doing Pradakshina around the Moolasthanam

The Moolasthanam absorbs all the energy and your five senses are also activated when you ring the bell, light the camphor and offer flowers and fruits. You tend to absorb all these positive vibrations when you do the pradakshina.

Applying Tilak/Kumkum

A major nerve point in human body lies between the two eyebrows on the forehead. The Tilak is believed to prevent the loss of “energy”. You press your forehead while applying kumkum. This also facilitates the blood supply to the face muscles.

Offering Coconut and Banana to God

Unlike an apple, coconut and banana are considered as sacred fruits. Apple is treated as tainted because an apple tree grows from the seed of another eaten fruit. To grow a coconut tree and plantain you need to plant an entire coconut and a sapling, respectively.

Top Rated Auto Insurance Companies in United States

Top rated auto insurance companies in united states are determined through company ratings which are assessments of the financial soundness and creditworthiness of insurers which provide valuable information to the marketplace. These ratings in the united states are based upon financial strength and not just the safety or performance of any investment product. The ratings are revised at least annually and can be located from the major credit rating companies. When choosing an insurer to protect your car the first consideration is the financial strength of that company, even before competitiveness and pricing.

It is worth bearing in mind that ratings are not a guarantee of an institutions present or future ability to meet its contractual obligations and are based upon factors such as profitability, financial standing, potential claims ratios vs. capital reserves, investment attitudes and overall stability of the insurer. The grades range from A (excellent) through to E (extremely weak). Each ratings service has it’s own criteria used in determining the rating they assign.

The nature of a car insurance is such that you might not discover their worth until you need to call on them in a crisis, but these ratings are an extremely useful way to find a carrier that is worthy of your business. Thankfully there are great resources available to help us find the right companies ratings we need to help us make the best decision for ourselves and our families.

Auto insurance company ratings are a very important tool to be used by consumers who know that auto protection service is only as good as the firm that provides it. Automobile protection can also extend to protecting your legal liability in the event that you injure another person, or damage another person’s property with your vehicle. This cover can be divided into two basic coverage areas, namely liability and property damage. If you are curious to know how your current insurer performs in these areas or if you want to know about another institution, you are encouraged to read through online reviews auto insurers conducted by third-party companies. Another way to know about the standing of a prospective firm is by looking at their financial stability taking into consideration that the strength of an auto insurer’s financial stability measures including company’s ability to pay any claims you or any other customer may make.

There are several methods by which you can identify the top rated companies in the united states the most common through third party internet sites which will endeavour to locate the best prices available from the top firms at the lowest rates available. When a company is rated by several agencies you may find small discrepancies in the ratings but this should be explained within the comparison document you receive. This rating also reveals whether the rated institution is able to pay for its liabilities according to the terms and conditions of the individual contracts.

Life companies ratings are a crucial factor in determining the credibility of your insurer and with the large number of auto firms out there, it can become an extensive process to search through the top rated auto companies in the united states to discover which one fits your requirements of both coverage and cost. This is where the benefits of the internet are prevelent and a quick search to identify a suitable insurance portal will do this job for you quickly and easily.

Auto Insurance Companies in the United States

Do you belong to the millions of citizens of the United States of America? If your answer to this question is on the positive note then you are either a natural born American citizen or an immigrant. Whichever the case, you probably have your very own car or automobile that you use in your travels. Whether your vehicle is a van, sedan, jeep or truck you will surely be able to make full use of this kind of insurance. You just have to consult any of the numerous Auto Insurance Companies available in the United States in order for you to get started.

Auto insurance in the United States has been made compulsory in some States. This is done in order to make sure that a vehicle owner and vehicle passengers are protected from traffic accidents and other similar hazards during travels. Any kind of danger that lurks on the road will be covered by getting this kind of insurance. The premium per month will depend upon the coverage of the policy and the total length of time that it will be running. The period usually covers 60 days up to a year depending on your preference.

Getting auto insurance in the United States has been made easy. This is due to the joint efforts of web developers and auto insurance companies in the past 5 years, allowing these companies to establish a foothold in the World Wide Web today. Availing of auto insurance will only take about 5 minutes. You just need to enter some needed information including your full name, address, email address and contact number. You also need to enter the car or vehicle details of your automobile including its make and model, year of release, color and the like.

Once you have entered the required pieces of information you will then submit your application for your car insurance. You can expect a call back from an insurance specialist or agent within the next 24 up to 72 hours in order to process your request. The date of the contract signing will also be set by the said agent in order to finalize your application.

What Is Bad Credit Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is essential requirement in almost any every state in United States. While most of the drivers are quite efficient in maintaining their insurance, there are some who are not able to deposit it in time. The result of this is the credit rating of auto insurance. Once you are in the bad credit rating from the Auto company, they tend to change in many cases; many of drivers even end up without insurance at this time. The question is what to do when you are with bad credit rating. One should of course start the search for the insurance company in United States that might provide you the insurance with credit rating.

The common auto problems like laps of insurance or cancellation. As you are required to have a valid insurance with you while using a registered vehicle of insurance will be resulting in the bad credit for the driver, and even can be part of your auto record afterwards.

Interestingly one can change the auto insurance or even cancel one as it might not be required any longer. In United States if you have problem with credit rating on auto insurance; the search might lead you to the companies that are specializing in this field. The down side of this is that they tend to charge a lot higher as compare to the other insurance companies.

The State department of insurance often has the list of these companies that can provide the insurance for hard to secure drivers. These companies are not doing it out of charity, their collective pool of the is often sufficient to cover any likely situation as they charge little more than normal.

Once you are with the new company in United States, the first step is to fill the application form. The new insurance company will be able to provide you the insurance after you provide them the truthful account of your driving history. Similarly improving your credit rating during the near future should also be important too.

At the time you’re in the bad credit score from your Auto Company, they have a tendency to change in many instances; a lot of driver operators actually finish way up with out insurance at this time. The question is really what to complete when you are using a bad credit score. You should of course begin the browse for that insurance coverage business in United States that might offer the insurance together with a bad credit score rating. The common auto issues such as laps of insurance coverage or special deal. As you’re required to get a valid insurance together with you while utilizing a registered automobile, the lapse of insurance will probably be resulting in the bad credit for that driver, and even can be part of your automobile record afterwards.